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Whether you're an original band, a cover band, or a solo musician, Bobcat Band Manager(TM) will give you the tools and staff you need to reach the success you’re looking for! Sign up now!

Use Bobcat's automated Personal Assistant to help you keep track of all your contacts. It'll remind you to visit your important websites, as well as help you remember all the usernames and passwords to all your online accounts and social network sites. And maybe you need to send out a mass email to all the clubs you play? Or maybe drop an email to all your A&R contacts about a big show? Bobcat will compile all those email addresses for you.

Need Posters? Vinyl Banners? Website Blog? T-Shirts? With Bobcat Band Manager, you now have you own marketing department. You can pay per job or sign up for Bobcat Band Management's Human Help for you own full-time staff! Real people with real experience to help you move to the next level of your career. We've been in the marketing business for 12+ years, and in the music business even longer.

Do you have a show at a bar or club that uses Bobcat's Bar Scheduling software? Sign up now for FREE in order to control all your own content on the's clubs website!



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