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“We won’t speak with you unless you have management.”

Have you heard that before?  These days you have to know somebody just to know somebody.  Record labels won’t talk with you unless you have management.  Management companies won’t talk with you unless you have a lawyer.  Lawyers won’t talk with you unless you have a label.  It’s crazy. The music industry is the only business in the world that turns down paying clients!

Here at Bobcat, we want to do something different.  If you have the talent, initiative and focus to push yourself to the next level, then we're here to help you. For starters, we developed this website to help you with some very boring and time-consuming tasks so you can spend more time doing the fun things, like playing music. But if you’re looking for even more help… human help… send us an email.  Bobcat Band Manager is now teamed up with Groupiehead Concepts and several rock bands, including Ten Year Vamp, to help you look and sound your best. Why spend hours on unreturned phone calls when someone with the right connections can make the call for you?

What do I really need in a killer press kit? Who should I call to get a show? How do I get a great review? How can I make my recordings sound as good as everything on the radio? How do I get the music industry to pay attention to my band? How can I get a publishing deal?  How can I get my songs on TV? How do I set up my band as an LLC?  How can I make money without playing shows? How do I find a good entertainment lawyer, or an A&R rep, or promoter? How do I get my CD into the Billboard charts?

If you have some of those same questions, and you’re serious about getting to the next level, then look no further.  Drop us an email… tell us about your band.  And then hire us for a small monthly fee, and Bobcat Band Management will be your Management Company.  We’ll team up with you on everything from studio production to mailing press kits, radio promotion to booking shows, sponsorships to merchandise.  If it’s something you need help with, chances are, we’ve been through it already, so let us help you save time and avoid mistakes.

Best of all, we never ask for a commission and you’re never locked into any exclusive contracts.

Ok... specifically...
What can we help you with?

Creative, Professional Press Kits
Targeted Bios
Gear & Equipment
Getting Album Reviews
Podcast Coverage
Audio Production
Internet Radio Plays
Converting Your Songs For ROCKBAND
Exposure in Music Blogs
Digital Distribution
Retail Distribution
Contacting A&R
Booking Gigs
National-Level Websites
Social Networking Exposure
Increased Web Traffic
Publishing & Licensing Deals
Increased Fans
Song Demos
Backing Tracks
Gear Sponsorships