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I'm your personal assistant... here to help you keep track of all your contacts. I'll also remind you to visit important websites, as well as help you remember the passwords to all your online accounts.

Three reasons why you should be using the Bobcat Band Manager Personal Assistant:

Reason 1: Add all your contacts: clubs, booking agents, industry contacts. It will save you tons of time down the road when you can't remember where to send posters, and in 6 months when you want to email that cool press release to everyone, you can go to the Send Emails Department and collect every email in seconds.

Reason 2: Passwords. If you're a hard working band, then you've got a myspace account, twitter account, facebook account, YouTube account, LastFM account, ReverbNation account, and probably several dozen more. We realize everyone is smart enough to not use the same username and password with each account, because if one gets hacked (and it always does), they all will. So add all your social network and membership sites to your Bobcat Personal Assistant and it track your usernames and passwords and remind you of them everytime you're ready to visit them.

Reason 3: There are so many cool places on the web... places you need to go for news... websites that regularly have contests or other things you don't want to miss... and then there are all your social networks you don't want to forget to update or check in on.  Add them to your Personal Assistant and let Bobcat remind you when you need to go back!